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Apr. 27th, 2016 12:30 am
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The Democratic Party establishment will ultimately bear the blame for choosing such an uninspiring and tired candidate. I know current polls project her to win over Trump. I will expect that to change once she's indicted. It will be their fault entirely for lining up behind such a flawed and morally compromised candidate.

Once he secures the nomination, Trump has some leeway to move left. Trump's nomination, after all, represents the rejection of Republican Party establishment orthodoxy. The Republicans have painted themselves into a corner with their litmus tests and RINO hunts. Trump can reject that in ways that neither of the other candidates can. Trump has consistently stood for the renegotiation of Clinton-era trade deals. He's talked about getting money out of politics. He's even made some statements that suggest that he sees income inequality as a problem. Trump is all the hope you have left.

I hope we are in the middle of a political party replacement cycle, like when we lost the Federalists, and later, the Whigs. The established parties are going to offer us a choice between a Bourbon Street titty bar barker and Dolores Umbridge. Given that choice, I'm voting for the titty bars.
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I want to live in the paradise where the worst thing that's going to happen today is that I get socially or culturally marginalized.
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I make no bones about having serious misgivings about social justice as she is spoke currently. As noted, just about everybody will be in favor of "social justice"; there are going to be disagreements about what it is and how to bring it about.

Now, here in the USA, it's been pretty much orthodoxy among Democrat opinion leaders that the Republican machine uses "social issues" to persuade the downtrodden to vote against their own interests. I can see that. Various elites stir up stinks about abortion, gay rights, and Confederate flags to rile the underclasses and divert their attention away from the legal and political systems that shrink their paychecks and hopes. It's probably conspiracy thinking, but I can totally see that.

And as you may have figured out, I'd categorize myself as an Old Right conservative with fairly strong small-l libertarian tendencies. And as a reactionary, I see at least a temporary need for an alliance with a politically effective Left in this country to mobilize and attempt to preserve what's left of our customary institutions and way of life. Unrestrained oligopoly capitalism, technological disruption, the declining prospects of finding a nest safe enough to raise a family in, and ecological destruction are our gravest problems.

And I think that the academic and online Left has been manipulated by the powers that be to keep them perennially chasing fancies the same way that the guns and Jesus crowd has been manipulated. The common theme has been to divert attention and energy to quarrels about cultural power to keep them distracted from issues about economic power. Since the cultural issues can often be seen as existential threats to your self-conception, while the economic issues do not engage gut feelings that easily, it's too easy to misdirect weak-minded apes this way.

All of the academic and online mummery about cultural "marginalization" and all the issues that flow therefrom is as much a distraction as the War on Christmas. Academic institutions with wealthy benefactors bristle with hundreds of Professors of Critical Theory and Departments of Granfalloon Studies, all devoted to keeping a chosen version of identity politics on the front burner. Somebody finds that sort of thing valuable to keep around. It disappoints but doesn't surprise me that the promising Black Lives Matter movement, which started out with concrete political targets, is in the process of being diverted into issues about campus symbolism. Getting college administrators fired will not reform those police departments.

So there is something to the concept of the divisive "social justice warrior" that merits taking a bit seriously, for the same reason that we despise the right-wing social issue warrior. Despite the different demographics, the two seem mirror images of each other.
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Primizzu pur multus qu' auziyun a xim Dracula Padxa, sidi a fatus a Chrìstopher Lee sulla filmu travadin ya qurpu di ubras pur Studius Hàmmer, cluzivi Dumin y' Aniθas, Guira innu Stiθas, iya siriya Jàmes Bond, duvi pirsunau Ix a Pistulu di Auru. Mauθau aθ' ivu ha navinti txi anus, ya xibθima ziy a Zzuni.

First to mind for many people when they hear the name "Count Dracula", but the deeds of Christopher Lee in film go beyond his body of work for Hammer Studios, including The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, abd the James Bond series, where he played The Man with the Golden Gun. He has died at the age of ninety three on June 7.
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Tanith Lee, phantastes Britannica, transita est. Prosam suam sæpe dilexi.
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The ever-adorable online feminist community has driven Joss Whedon off Twitter, because

Cut for spoiler )

is something they decided was intolerably sexist. (Disapproval of Iron Man's joke about ius primæ noctis is also involved.)

More spoilers in image )
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DL wrote:
Wait a minute! You couldn't vote for Gore because you didn't like his
wife? Really?

Absolutely. I knew Tipper Gore to be a common scold who deserved a dunk in the cucking-stool, and a thoroughly repulsive human being. She spoke on issues I care about. She spoke on them in a way not too distinguishable from Republicans of the time.

(Bear in mind that the Republican Party of fifteen years ago was not identical to the current outfit, either.)

You couldn't vote for Gore because you didn't like his running mate? Really?

Seriously, the thought of Joe Lieberman being a heartbeat away from the White House and being able to influence Middle East policy was genuinely scary.

And he still was the V-Chip guy as well. Maybe you don't remember the V-Chip. It remains utterly evil: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V-Chip

Did you look at Gore's positions on key issues? Did you contrast those positions with the Republican option? Do you still feel that we were better off with Bush? Do you really think that we were better off with Laura Bush as First Lady? Well, perhaps you do. You are entitled. If so, I can't imagine our having a fruitful political discussion in the ongoing campaign.

Actually, I voted for Harry Browne. Then again, Indiana seldom gets a say in who is elected President, and a protest vote is as good as any. It remains the case that it's up to the Democrat candidate to persuade me to vote for them rather than to cast a protest vote.

And with that in mind, let's consider what Hillary Clinton was telling the world during the leadup to the Bush/Gore election:

"As part of a "zero tolerance" policy for weapons, drugs, and other threats to the safety of teachers and students, the President signed an executive order decreeing that any student that comes to school with a gun will be expelled and punished as a condition for federal aid."

—Hillary Clinton, -It Takes a Village- (1996), p. 126

"The 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act... stopped the revolving door for career criminals with its "three strikes and you're out" provision."

—It Takes a Village, p. 126

"Twenty-five thousand new police officers are being trained, with the goal of adding seventy-five thousand more by the end of the decade."

—It Takes a Village, p. 126

"After many years of working with and listening to American adolescents, I don’t believe they are ready for sex or its potential consequences--parenthood, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases--and I think we need to do everything in our power to discourage sexual activity and encourage abstinence."

—It Takes a Village, p. 149

"Casual attitudes towards marijuana and minors’ access to cigarettes raise the likelihood that teenagers will make a sad progression to more serious drug use & earlier sexual activity."

—It Takes a Village, p. 152

"Some critics of public schools urge greater competition among schools as a way of returning control from bureaucrats to parents and teachers. I find their argument persuasive and I favor promoting choice among public schools, much as the President’s Charter Schools Initiative encourages."

—It Takes a Village, p. 244

So 1999-vintage Hillary Clinton endorsed:

- Zero tolerance policies
- Three strikes laws and other tools of mass incarceration
- Police buildup and surveillance
- Sexual abstinence
- Drug war on pot smokers
- "School choice"

And Hillary had not changed her bullshit ten years ago, either, when she sponsored a bill for video game censorship. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_Entertainment_Protection_Act

I'll give her a chance to prove she's changed her ways, by rejecting all of this crap she embraced in 1996 and 2005. But she will never generate trust, much less enthusiasm. And I am heartily glad that she was not on the ballot in 2008.

Al Gore's problem was that he came from the same wing of the Democratic Party as his shrew of a wife and V-Chip Lieberman. And at least in 1996 Hillary Clinton was down with the program as well.

So yes, exactly that: at least in 2000, I didn't see enough light between Gore and Bush on many issues I cared about to be persuaded even to hold my nose and vote for Gore.

And if the Democrats nominate Hillary, out here in Indiana where our votes don't count for much anyway, I'll probably vote for someone else in 2016 as well.
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Deus in misericordia recepit Terentium Pratchett, scriptorem Anglicum novellarum phantasticarum Mundus Discus nomine, in sinu suo.

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Anita Ekberg, ea quæ in fonte Trevi in La Dolce Vita natavit, transita est aevo LXXXIII.

Anita Ekberg
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Accipe tuberam vetustam frigidamque; specta.
Little Jimmy Dickens


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