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From the Concord Monitor:

The police posted a guard yesterday outside a chapel at an Orthodox monastic sanctuary in Thessaloniki, Greece, where rebel monks remained barricaded following clashes that left seven people injured.

Wednesday's violence involved rival groups of monks carrying crowbars and sledgehammers - and is part of a long-standing dispute between legally recognized monks and a rebel monastery that opposes efforts by the Orthodox Church to improve relations with the Vatican.

. . .

Video footage recorded by cell phone, and broadcast on Greek television, showed monks using sledgehammers to try to break into the compound. The rebel monks repelled the intruders with crowbars and fire extinguishers.

Three rebel monks who were detained by the police after receiving hospital treatment Wednesday were freed on the orders of a public prosecutor. Five others remained inside the compound yesterday.
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The notion seems to be spreading among some circles that Christians are under some kind of duty to marry and have children. This is apparently the position of Albert Mohler, head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, who writes that "To demand that marriage means sex -- but not children -- is to defraud the creator of His joy and pleasure in seeing the saints raising His children."

My position is that this is dangerous malarkey, for reasons I hope to make clear here.

First, it seems contrary to the counsel of Scripture. . .  )


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