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How seriously are we expected to take a musical genre that includes paid product placements in the lyrics?
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I'm old enough to remember cheering when that DJ blew up the disco records at the baseball field in Chicago, back in the late 1970s.

Yes, I hated disco back then. Yes, race was involved. But no, it's not what the anti-rockist diatribes say. I didn't dislike disco because the performers were Black. I disliked disco because it stood in stark contrast to Black music I knew that was more vital and interesting to me. If you grew up with James Brown and the Temptations and the Supremes, disco is going to be a letdown. One of the things wrong with disco was that it was not Funkadelic.

I've mellowed a bit towards disco over the years. At least KC and the Sunshine Band wrote their own material and actually played their instruments.
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It boils down to this. Yes, I am going to object to any theory of music criticism that fails to "privilege" individual creativity, sincerity, originality, or meaning over their absence.
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Remember when we had so little else to worry about, that gangsta rap lyrics became a moral panic? The violence against law enforcement! The misogyny!

My interest was piqued. I turned to the performances themselves. Unfortunately, they were far less rousing than the publicity had led me to believe.
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It is apparently too much to ask, for music to be about something. And by 'about something' I mean something other than sex, sexual jealousy, or other "romantic situations".
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The unachievability of authenticity does not make all poses equal, either.
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I don't dislike producer-driven dance music and hip-hop because it is made by or for blacks or gays. It just isn't interesting enough to get to the point where I am curious about the performers' or audience's race or sexuality.


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