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[Error: unknown template qotd]I do not eat at Chick-Fil-A or buy pizza from Domino's, because those businesses are or have in the past been linked to politically authoritarian cults.

I do not buy any packaged foods that contain any representations about diet, weight loss, supposed health benefits, nutrition, or exercise on the packaging. This is less of a "boycott" and more of a "weary of hearing it" thing. I also do not buy foods that feature these sorts of claims in advertising that I'm aware of. This includes the Subway sandwich chain. The most obnoxious offenders in this regard --- breakfast cereals claiming to prevent cancer or heart disease --- aren't much of a sacrifice since I don't eat breakfast cereals anyways.
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If it exists, we'd better be afraid. Life, more or less by definition, sustains itself by some kind of reproduction, which implies that it consumes resources. This means that intelligent life is probably a self-limiting phenomenon. Intelligence is a response to scarcity in a world of limited resources, a place where the environment must be exploited efficiently. It doesn't take much to work out a formal proof that it's inevitable that intelligent living things are going to end up at each other's throats.

That's what we know, which is why the encounter between any more technically advanced culture and another ends in exploitation and conflict. It's hard to imagine any critter whose harsh environment led its ancestors to become smart to be any different.

Fortunately, as far as we know the laws of physics are constant. Atoms split just as easy there as they do here. There's a reason for the radio silence of the universe. Intelligent life flickers for a brief moment and then flames out in smoke and ashes. This is inevitable. Let a smile be your umbrella.
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Espers - Dead King

Take his scarred body,
anoint his heirs,
take a dollar for the crossing from coins in his mane.

Souls, slight of coin,
Slight of name --
Then I'll meet you at the back gate and greet you just the same.

Come to my side
and we'll walk on
to where the frosts of the dead king lay heavy on the vine.

Long it's been said
That the worth
of man is woman, and his lands have retainers. (?)

The music of the Espers seems to be a distillation of much of the music I have ever loved, from early Country Joe and the Fish through Pentangle by way of the Velvet Underground. This, unfortunately, is as close as I've been able to come to a video:

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And God spake to Moses, saying:

Hast thou a can of cream of mushroom soup? Thou shalt make for thyself a bowl of cream of mushroom soup, else thou shalt cast it away.

Thou shalt not bake cream soups. Thou shalt not mingle them with pasta, nor with rice. Thou shalt not bake the mixture, nor add thereunto cheese, nor flesh meat, nor the fruits of the field; neither shalt thou sprinkle fried onions thereupon, nor even potato chips; thou shalt not bake them. For lo, all such things are an abomination unto me; and I am the LORD.
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Every day, in every way, I grow older and older.


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