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WM wrote:
I maintain that Communism is a religion; it has its own sacred texts, it brooks no contradiction and it selects its major prophets for placement on a pedestal.
It's always been bloody obvious to me that Communism is a religion. Sacred texts? Check. Cult of its prophets? Check. Apocalyptic prophecy? Check. Incorrupt bodies? Check. Liturgy? Check.

This is why atheists amuse me. You can tell the people that there is no such thing as a god. If you repeat yourself often enough, some may take it to heart and make it a movement. For atheism must always be a movement; without constant reinforcement of the faith, people will backslide and accept the supernatural the way people always have.

But even atheistic faiths end up with sacred totems, liturgy, ritual, public worship, mass rallies, and apocalyptic prophecies. All of the oppressive orthodoxies they got rid of God to be free from just came right back. Since we're human, we're stuck with that kind of mummery.

Getting rid of God accomplishes none of the goals atheists say it will. It just annoys your neighbors. People do that mostly because they fancy themselves endowed with a special understanding of precious and saving truth, which is why atheists tend to be evangelical. Why bother? You're right back to square one, and you don't even get to go to heaven.
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From the Concord Monitor:

The police posted a guard yesterday outside a chapel at an Orthodox monastic sanctuary in Thessaloniki, Greece, where rebel monks remained barricaded following clashes that left seven people injured.

Wednesday's violence involved rival groups of monks carrying crowbars and sledgehammers - and is part of a long-standing dispute between legally recognized monks and a rebel monastery that opposes efforts by the Orthodox Church to improve relations with the Vatican.

. . .

Video footage recorded by cell phone, and broadcast on Greek television, showed monks using sledgehammers to try to break into the compound. The rebel monks repelled the intruders with crowbars and fire extinguishers.

Three rebel monks who were detained by the police after receiving hospital treatment Wednesday were freed on the orders of a public prosecutor. Five others remained inside the compound yesterday.


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