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DC Editor Alex Antone called and said, “You do realize, Rose is a teenager.” Well, no, I hadn’t. I’m not sure Rose has ever been drawn as a teenager. I assumed she was early to mid-20’s, which would make her half-brothers mid to late 20’s. With due respect to previous writers, it really bothered me that a person so young could already be a hardened killer (I have similar concerns about the very popular Damian Wayne). In terms of character dynamics, I’m not sure such persons can ever be fully redeemed, and I’m really uncomfortable with the general handwave most superheroes seem to be giving teen (and even pre-teen) killers, most especially given our nation’s climate of violence.

I am not suggesting every super-hero has to be pure or angelic. What I mean is somebody, somewhere on some page should express some concern for the emotional state and overall wellbeing of these very young people who have taken a life before graduating high school. What bothers me is that none of the other DCU characters seem to bat an eye, chalking killing up as perhaps juvenile delinquency.

-- Christopher J. Priest

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So. There was King Robert Baratheon, who died. And for some reason the oldest Lannister took the throne. (I didn't read the books, and I missed this bit of explanation in the series; bear with me.)

Where I came in, the eldest Lannister was still alive, but the crown prince was Cersei's and Jaime's son.

Why wasn't Jaime in line for the throne? Even if Cersei is older, he should have had it by primogeniture, because he's the male (in that medieval world.) If Cersei should have taken presidence, why did her son rule?

Attempting to be less confused, I am.

War of the Realms #2

Apr. 18th, 2019 07:49 pm
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An event years in the making, War of the Realms has...not amazed me so far. The story of Asgard and the other realms loses its specialness when it becomes another "Oh no! There's baddies on Manhattan!" Marvel crossover. The war seemed much more epic when it was War Thor fighting for children's lives or Malekith's wedding day. Wolverine and Punisher fighting dark elves just seems so dull, especially when everybody is really quiptastic.

However, I'm on board for the end of Aaron's run, so let's see how it goes.

In #1, there were two major character deaths (one of them is here). However, it's a "comic book death"

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"Superheroes can be violent monsters.” Of all the things Watchmen does, it is by far the least interesting, and the worst thing it did to the medium. It’s not Watchmen’s fault, of course, as you can’t help what people take from you… but what Moore described as a bad mood he had one year becoming a primary aesthetic for a long time is pretty depressing.

So let’s do it for an issue, eh? That makes sense.

Now I said the first issue was kind of the Ellis issue, and the second issue was the Morrison issue. But when I say all of the above, I surely can’t say a name for whose issue this is.

Well, yeah, it’s probably unwise, but f*ck it. Like last issue wasn’t just Morrison, this issue isn’t any one name, but I did have an internal codename for it. I don’t want to write a bad issue, and to show the thread of the influence, I can nod to the very best from that tradition. If I want to do operatic, horrible, imaginative superhero throwdowns I have to homage the best – in which case, this is the Mark Millar issue.

-- Kieron Gillen

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