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Reformatted as verse to make it more epic and METAL!

'The ansestorial gods'

the ansestrial gods were created by the dark one
eon before the begining of recorded history
they where the harbrigers of doom
and his ebacerys to the abysys,
the demonic lords that would ensure
his rule over the corporial relm of man
and at last give him dominion over all existance

they where three at first
Shandarus the god of hate malice and war
he was created from the great war that history forgot
and was the first to be born.

The war was started when man grew strong with the dark ones influnecne
they began to lose control of both there minds and there form
thus the great war began
this was not a war of kings or men
but the monsters that they became
it would have been entral victory for darkness
had not a few wize monks at the temple of veltoru
found a way to clence themselfs of all hate
they where the ultimate pacafists
and after sealing themselves away
within the {miran} a legandary fortris
they enterd a state of the utmost meditation
to keep out all eveil
and stregthen the bariers that held back the evil
and protected there souls from the unimaginable will of the dark one.

Outside in the dusty plans of the torn and blood spaterd lands
The war ragged on the old ones and eldar deamons ross from sleep
the comotion even broght back from the earth
long since lost races like the tonku
great hornd beasts 40feet in size and covered in spikes
and the lrolath
shadows that can gain corporial form and tear flesh from bone in a single strike.

man trasformed and in those hored mutations
thousands of new deamons were born and died
like fire to a flame the war went on
every one for themselfs and everyone out for blood

finally after forty years the last of them was dead
all man and beast was reduced to somldering ash
but the dark one knew somthing was wrong

turning his gaze to the gates of miran
he saw the lone surviors the monks
had returnd from the deep sleep
unscathd by the horros and perserved from even time itself
even with all the death and harted that had just encured
the dark one still did not have the power
to enter the phisical world in his pure from
as long as these monks remaind.

However He would not be sttoped
with all his might and from the echoing souls of those slain in battle
he sumoned the first of the ansestorial gods
Shandarus was born god of malice and hate
his first task was to iradicate the monks of the miran
and as he licked his razor bladed lips
a shiver sprang down the spin of every living thing
left in the stone coved sactuary
as they knew the fight of there lives was about to begin.

It was to be a battle of the tree aginst the gale
for the magicly honed and garded fortress
said to have craved from the very stones of creation itself
would now have to suffer the full force of a god
but as the influnce of the dark one was still ripe throughout the land
if the raisedso much as a finger in anger or revenge
they risk falling under his spell
and truning into the horrors that had killed in glutony
for the last forty years for now only defence was posible.

Date: 2010-08-03 09:39 pm (UTC)
twistedchick: General Leia in The Force Awakens (Default)
From: [personal profile] twistedchick
This is great.

(one quibble: it's "ancestral", unless you're coining a new word.)


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